DIY Car Repairs

I fancy myself as an amateur handyman and therefore I try to do things for myself. DIY car repairs are no exception. Have you ever gotten an estimate on auto body work? It will scare the pants off of you! After succeeding at building a small cabinet with borrowed tools and upon restoring a rusty antique collectible motorcycle gas tank, I was on my way to bigger and better things. I had found the hardware store down the street. I found a few online so I wouldn’t even have to leave home. Over the years I have assembled a few tools, and when I found some small dents and scratches on my car from parking too close to employees at work, I figured I could solve the problem myself. No expense to be incurred. This kind of thinking makes me so proud. I could hammer out the dents and then spray paint the fender. I happened to have a paint spray gun for car paint (like this: that my father had given me when he cleaned out his shed..

I clearly overestimated my skills since the car repair was not perfect. It was okay, just so so. The dents were smaller but the surface was not smooth as glass. The paint didn’t match the original color and I did not feather it out on the edges to help it blend better. Knowing that I will get more scratches sooner or later, I decided to let it be. I have a few things to learn if I want to keep my handyman title. It is back to the Internet for proper repair instructions. Learning how to clean a paint spray gun nozzle was a real coup. I should have known. As for the wrong color, I had purchased it from a dealer, but my car had faded to a lighter shade. Drat! I am clearly a better software developer than I am a car painter.

No one is going to ask me to repair their dented car any time soon. I look around and see that most people leave them as is. It is a sign of experience, evidence of a car’s history and daily scrambles with other vehicles. A scrap is a dent or two and a major scrape is a battle scar. There are times when the car faces mortality and it is definitely time to get professional help. In the meantime, I am sticking to simpler DIY home projects like fixing a frayed electrical cord or redoing faulty lighting on a ceiling lamp. A tweak here and there around the house is all it takes and it is about as much as my skill level can handle. I stay away from stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and dryers. Appliances have me beat. If the coffee maker needs cleaning due to lime stains, I can rinse it out in the sink. I promise not to boast of my prowess any time soon un less I have sufficient proof.