Hitting the (Mountain) Trail

There is nothing like hitting the glorious and challenging mountain trails of Toronto to let off some steam. It is an adventure like no other, alone or with friends. You can opt for rugged trails or smooth and easy through tree-lined neighborhoods. A day in fresh air pushing those bike pedals is my idea of pure enjoyment. The city has a lot to offer in the way of parks and recreation. It is really a gem for the inhabitants. But mountain biking is high on my personal list of favorites. I am busy upgrading my bike pedals for even better maneuverability of the bike. It will be in perfect shape when I am done. I like the hands on work. It is as relaxing as the ride. Plus I will get top performance from my bike every time.

There is an inner city cycling map produced by the City of Toronto. If you plug in basic information, you get a suggested route. For more wilderness types you want to get off the beaten path. Then you need to go by word of mouth as to what people like. You may need a bit more experience. For families, there is the Waterfront Trail consisting of Etobicoke (western section), Toronto (central area), and Scarborough on the east. Some of these trails are asphalt and are routed along quiet residential streets like the area that follows Lake Shore Blvd. The Toronto Trail is mostly off-road with many street crossings. In the Sunnyside Park area, the path becomes asphalt and it is shared with in-line skaters and a few pedestrians. Then we have Scarborough, a mix of off-road paths and on-road sections. These paths are always being updated to make them safer for riders. For example, wet unpaved trails can be slippery and challenging for cyclists. One section is hilly if you like variety.

Toronto is my city of residential preference for these reasons. Why not live where you can practice your favorite pastimes. Plus it is a beautiful city with a variety of architectural styles and views galore. You can choose from many unique neighborhoods. I am spreading the word all the time and now have a few friends in my would-be “cycling club.” We plan outings on weekends and promote photography as an adjunct interest. You can find our smiling faces on Instagram and Facebook. If you hit the local mountain trail, you will find us in a pack.

How great to find a sport you love that you can share with friends and family. I help take care of other peoples’ bikes as they are not all as adept as I am about maintenance and repair. I and teaching them the tricks of the trade slowly but surely so they will be on their own in case something happens. I believe in mastering your mode of transportation. Each bike is unique and requires special skills. I am sure that if you find one you like, you will be as hooked as I am.