Stuff I’d Rather Not Think About

Software development is a challenging field that demands a lot from your creativity and ability to make logical connections. I know for a fact that you can create a program for just about anything imaginable. You hope that it is something useful and that it will take off like wildfire. The more people that know about it, the more it gets around by word of mouth. I have been fortunate enough to have this experience, although it is one that is few and far between. I can use my skills to help the world solve problems and efficiently perform tasks. I can also use my skills for rather mundane pursuits that serve my needs alone.

Let me give you an example. I have a hot tub that requires the regular and ongoing application of chemicals to keep it safe and clean for human use. I have a particular formula that I like arrived at after some trial and error and consultation with the experts. While I like a salt water pool, it is not as practical for a hot tub. Most people have a pool man who takes care of the right chemicals for pools and hot tubs, but it is an expense I don’t need to acquire. I think I can handle the job on my own. Here’s what I did. I created a software program that tells me what days of the week I need to add certain chemicals to keep the unit running at peak levels. It was a labor of love. I can print out what I need each day since it is not the same on a daily basis. I add chemicals five days a week and once a month a special additive. The software program keeps me right on track.

I hear neighbors and friends complain about murky hot tubs that they would rather not enter. The owners are lax about care and haven’t a clue as to what chemicals to use. People don’t like to dunk themselves in a broth of harsh elements. At least their heads are not under water. Nevertheless, chemicals can burn the skin and make it dry and flaky. I heed these remarks which is why I am careful about the mix I use for my own hot tub chemicals. I let people know I have a software-controlled formula and that it is safe indeed to jump in and enjoy the warmth. So far I haven’t had too many naysayers. I feel that I should put out a little sign for those negative people. But overall, I entertain a lot and the hot tub is a central focus of the fun. Along with the build-in grill, I have everything I need for summer entertaining. No one need fear putting their toes in the water. My software, of course, is custom designed so it won’t work for everyone. I can adapt it for others if the need should arise. After, all this is my profession.