Snug as a (Wet) Bug in a Rug

Here is a survival tip for anyone thinking of making the move to Toronto: get a space heater. Maybe get a few. I am not going to lie, Toronto is cold. While there are places in Canada that get colder, I personally don’t visit any of them, and I can promise you that you don’t really need to either if you live here. Toronto’s got just about everything you’ll ever need; for everything else, there’s the internet.

I am not a wimp about weather by any means—I’ve been playing ice hockey since I was five—but I hate being cold. I don’t think hate is a strong enough word, really, especially when I’m indoors. I despise being cold. Unfortunately, this is a serious problem for anyone working in IT. Nobody cares about your comfort; it is all about keeping the equipment cool enough to run properly. You can turn into a popsicle for all they care. It’s true. I’ve had colleagues who need to wear gloves at their stations. It’s a problem in all seasons, too. Not just winter. I’m cold in the winter because as I said before, Toronto gets cold. I also get cold in the summer because the air conditioner is always on super high in my office. Also, because our hottest month is July. Coincidentally, it rains a lot in July. This means I get wet either getting to or leaving work, then get blasted by the a/c at my destination, and that makes me cold. I have rain gear but I often forget it, or I forget to look out the window (or I’m at work, where I don’t even have a window so the weather outside is a complete surprise). Instead, I have a small but efficient space heater. The one I use the most is a bathroom space heater. I am not a fan of getting out of a nice warm shower and stepping onto freezing cold tile or into the much cooler temperature of my bathroom. That’s a special kind of torture for me. But it’s impractical to run the heat in just the bathroom in the summer and it’s also expensive to run it to a point where the bathroom is a comfortable temperature in winter.

The bathroom space heater solves my problem. It sits low to the ground so it warms the tile up nicely. It warms the air in the bathroom to a pleasant temperature so I am not freezing when I get out of the shower. If it falls over, it shuts off. If it gets too hot, it shuts off. I can have the rest of the house at a normal temperature and turn my bathroom into a sauna. Some days it is the only time of my day, aside from when I’m in bed, that I am actually at a comfortable temperature. Seriously, this thing is a life changer. Trust me. Once you get used to one, you will never look back. Especially if you are thinking of moving to this wonderful city of mine called Toronto.