The Worst of Toronto


As much as I genuinely love Toronto, I’m not going to say that Toronto is perfect. If you’re not a fan of cold winters, for instance, Toronto may not be the place for you. Toronto also manages to balance out its harrowing cold winters with seemingly endless hot, humid summers. When it comes to weather, Toronto is definitely going to give you the worst of both worlds. If you’re from New England or the Northern parts of the Midwest in the States, you probably think you’re ready for anything. You should know that Toronto is even further North, so it is like those areas, only even worse. If you’re from elsewhere in Canada, Toronto may be even worse than the places that you’re used to in terms of its normal weather patterns.

I should also mention that Toronto has literally the worst traffic I have ever encountered on any continent, and I’m more well-traveled than you might think. Granted, I do have more experience with Toronto traffic compared to my experience with the traffic in a lot of other cities. Really though, this means that I should have seen the full range of Toronto traffic, and I should be able to give you something of a nuanced opinion on the subject. Near as I can tell, Toronto traffic ranges from ‘bad’ to ‘horrible.’ I have driven at the pace of one mile per hour in Toronto traffic, and there were points where I wondered if running to work would have been better, especially since running gives you better exercise than yelling at the traffic.

If you want a job in Toronto, I recommend picking one that isn’t going to necessitate an especially long commute. My work is pretty close to my house, and a lot of software companies practically expect that you’re going to be a little late sometimes. If it takes you a long time to get to work and you’re putting yourself at the mercy of Toronto traffic, I guarantee that there are some days where you just won’t plan ahead enough and you’ll be forced to tell your boss it was Toronto traffic’s fault yet again.

One of the saving graces with regards to the truly terrible Toronto traffic is the simple fact that the public transportation in Toronto is definitely above average, so you’re not going to be getting around town in your car all the time anyway. You’re not going to spend half of your life in this city stuck in traffic, so that should make you feel better at least. However, it is still important to keep in mind that the little things like this can still affect your quality of life in any location, and it’s always better to know about them before you relocate anywhere.

Toronto is a great place for the people who are environmentally conscious in some ways. They can save some energy by taking advantage of the great public transportation system in Toronto, for one thing. However, the air pollution in Toronto is nothing to be proud of for anyone. People who are aware of environmental problems are going to be more aware of this problem than almost anyone else, and this might make the city a little off-putting for them. Really, it didn’t seem much worse than many of the cities in which I’ve lived before, but I have seen the facts and statistics and they don’t lie.

People who are concerned about overpopulation will probably feel like they’re being swarmed with evidence when they’re living in Toronto. The city is the victim of its own success in some ways. Word got out about the city being great, and more and more people want to join in the fun. That can make it less fun for the rest of us in some ways, and when they join the rest of us, it will be less fun for them as well. However, at least you know that meeting people is never going to be a problem for you. Even the best cities have problems, and Toronto isn’t immune.