Living and Working in Toronto

Living and Working in Toronto

A lot of people who want to move to Canada specifically want to move to Toronto. Canada is a huge country, and Toronto gets more attention than any ten other Canadian cities usually will. There’s something very satisfying about being able to say that you live in Toronto. I know that I’ve been happy whenever I described myself as a Toronto resident in the past, and I probably always will be. Toronto is one of the best places I’ve ever called home.

For one thing, I’ve always found that the people of Toronto were really friendly. Obviously, this isn’t going to apply to everyone, and it won’t be true all of the time. No one stuck in Toronto traffic is going to be particularly friendly, for instance. However, overall, I’d say that Toronto culture emphasizes being polite. It’s hard to judge the character of an entire city, but there are still going to be trends in the behavior of the residents of any city. New York City has the reputation of being full of people who are seething with hostility all the time. All I can say is, I’ve been there and that’s exactly the way that I remembered it. Toronto isn’t like that at all. Surprisingly enough, Toronto is where I hang my hat.

Of course, the main reason why I moved to Toronto in the first place was the promise of great jobs in the tech sector, and that’s what I was able to find immediately. I really recommend Toronto to my fellow software developers on that basis alone. The software industry changes really rapidly. If you’re a young, enterprising tech worker, you have to make sure that you have some sort of an escape route when your company decides that it’s time to move onto the next entry-level graduate. Toronto will have a wide range of positions available for you in the software industry.

I don’t have as much experience when it comes to manufacturing and the financial industry, but I have heard over the grapevine that Toronto is also great when it comes to those particular industries. Toronto in general tends to have great job opportunities. Plenty of people come here for work, and they stay for the rest of what Toronto has to offer. If you’re a person with a lot of documented education, you won’t have a problem finding a job in many cases. Toronto is a great place for the enterprising and the educated in more ways than one.

The fact that Toronto is a city for people who work hard and for people who play hard already means that it has a lot going for it. The fact that it has even more going for it than that almost makes it feel as if Toronto is showing off in front of the other cities. However, one of the great things for me was the fact that Toronto has a great transit system. If you’re like me and you’re used to the transit systems that you’ll usually find in the States, the public transportation in Toronto is going to come across as downright miraculous. Since Toronto traffic is miraculous in all of the worst ways, their excellent public transportation system is that much more important. Toronto is kind of like New York City in that regard: the traffic is awful, but it is possible to skip it altogether in favor of a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option.

I don’t have kids and my school days were long over by the time I actually moved here, so I can’t really speak from personal experience. I might go back to school for additional degrees at some point though, and I’d be more than happy to do it here given the quality of the colleges in Toronto. I have heard from friends and coworkers that do have kids that the schools in Toronto in general are very good, which should be encouraging for the parents who are thinking of relocating there for whatever reason. Toronto in general places a great deal of emphasis on education, and it definitely shows in more ways than one. It is easy to recognize an educated populace on first glance, and you will find that here.